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Welcome to Better Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Better QMS is an independent organisation that provides value for money in supporting clients to achieve UKAS accredited ISO certification.

Welcome to Better Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Better QMS helps clients to achieve UKAS accredited ISO certification

Our consultants are Lead Auditors with experience in managing UKAS assessment in line with ISO 17021 series conformity, including certification activities, witness and operational internal auditing of accredited Certification Bodies.  We are experienced in implementing single, combined and integrated management systems for ISO certifications, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 within a broad range of industry sectors.


Online Management Systems

We can support our clients with the provision of a secure online integrated management system, maintained by us on behalf of the client.  Multiple standards can be used to either integrate or combine ISO standards, including relevant industry sector standards or approved codes of practice.  Our online system may also include non-conformance reporting, document control, training and awareness, with particular focus on operations and performance evaluation.

Who We Are

Better QMS is a newly formed ISO support agency with Lead Auditors that are expert in their specialist fields and experienced in supporting both governments and non-government organisations in relevant sector compliance.  We help teams adopt new policies and practices which has an immediate impact on the business, in both public and private sectors.

We can simplify what can be a complex subject matter, for organisations that wish to demonstrate awareness of relevant industry standards, capture current activities and improve their competitive edge in support of the bottom line.  We also offer training courses to cover the adaptation and implementation of management systems, performance improvement and management development with a practical approach to raising organisation awareness and the internal audit process.


Our training ranges from 1-day foundation courses in the required standard, to Internal Audit training, Lead Audit training and Auditor Transition training for those seeking to transfer previous certification to the newer ISO standards that have recently been released, such as ISO 45001:2017.  The following timeframes apply:

  • ISO Foundation – 1-day in the classroom (for the applicable standard)
  • ISO Internal Auditor – 2-day in the classroom (for the applicable standard)
  • ISO Lead Auditor – 4-day in the classroom  (for the applicable standard)
  • ISO Auditor Transition – 2-day in the classroom, including a comprehensive overview of Annex SL (for the applicable standard)
  • ISO Top-Level Management module – aimed at Senior Management for an overview of requirements, responsibilities and fulfilment of the standard’s requirement to demonstrate commitment to the management system

All successful participants will receive a Better QMS certificate on completion, having passed the course assessment.


Quality Management - ISO 9001

ISO 9001 helps organisations deliver effective management of their business and services, focussed on meeting the customer’s requirements within appropriate legislative frameworks.  This standard helps companies focus on customer satisfaction, improvement of service delivery and promotes a quality managed approach as standard business practice.

The new standard promotes understanding in the application of risk-based thinking and sets out to help you understand current requirements and the future needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties in dynamic and varying environments.

Environmental Management - ISO 14001

As with the new quality standard, ISO 14001:2015 has a greater emphasis on performance and applies the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle at all levels of an organization.  The revised structure of the standard can be integrated into any system with other ISO or industry standards and helps organisations improve environmental performance.  The standard promotes effective environmental management, influences organisation behaviour and provides an iterative process to achieve continual improvement, develop awareness of legal frameworks, governance and environmental culture.


Occupational Health and Safety - ISO 45001

ISO 45001:2018 is the new international standard for the managing Occupational Health and Safety systems.  This standard supersedes OHSAS 18001:2007 and provides an improved framework for integrating into existing standards, utilising Annex SL format, of the Consolidated ISO Supplement to the ISO/IEC Directives.  The standard still focuses on identifying hazards, OH&S risks to be managed, plus greater emphasis on leadership, management and non-management consultation and participation with the workforce.

Information Security Management - ISO 27001

ISO 27001:2013 provides an overview of information security management systems and the controls to monitor, evaluate and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of information security safeguards.  The selection and implementation of controls should be documented within a statement of applicability.  The statement assists with defining the protection of all forms of information, from data storage to computer servers, PC’s, company noticeboards, mobile devices and even post-it notes, balancing the investment versus controls against losing sensitive and client related information.

Business Continuity Management - ISO 22301

ISO 22301:2012 for societal security and business continuity management systems outlines the requirements needed to develop organisational capacity and resilience in recovering from disruptive incidents to which they might be subjected.  This includes the wider community and the impact of the organisation’s business environment.  The 2012 version has been updated to include synchronisation with ISO 22300 (the central glossary) and ISO 22301:2019 places greater emphasis on exercising and testing, which is always problematic in a busy workplace.

Other Standards

Other Standards that can be supported include:

ISO 37001:  Anti-Bribery Management

ISO 31000:  Principles and Guidelines on Risk Management

ISO 21001:2018:  Educational Management Systems

ISO 22001:  Food Safety Management Standard

BS 5607:  Explosives in the Construction Industry and Underwater